MONOTONE DEPRESSION: Full demo "X FILE" from 1998 now up on youtube

MONOTONE DEPRESSION "X File" full demo 1998.


This demo was recorded during the last 2 weeks of a 6 months psychological treatment in Stockholm/Sweden 1998 as a dairy journal. Recorded very primitive and lofi 2 hours a day in a closed room. 8 songs were recorded. These 4 songs on this demo were recorded the first week, the 4 other songs will be released here in a different time. The songs are more or less identical with the original recordings, some smaller adjustments has been done in Logic. But nothing that would take away the original primitive, spontaneous and out of tune vibe. Vocals, bass, guitars and synths are identical with the original cassette. The recorded songs has never before been released in any form.

1. No Solution
2. Out Of Tune With Life
3. Sister Of The Dark
4. On A Plane With The Devil

All music & lyrics by Monotone.

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