jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2016


This is an ambitious thematic project divided into two works "The Night: Death of a sunset" and "The Night: Birth of a sunrise," the latter accompanied by a luxury vinyl edition.

It has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Leo Peña in Jotun Studio and with this work they gives the final step in his career, filling their compositions with epic blasts and polyrhythmic melodies, which will delight those unprejudiced ears that enjoys both extreme passages and post-rock sounds.

His previous works "The Cloud And The Thunder" and "Witchcraft" have received an outstanding rating unanimously from countless specialized media, culminating the path that has followed the band to date, revealing himself as one of the leaders of the underground national scene, which has allowed Subliminal Chaos share the stage with some of the best national and international bands.

From Sacramento Records, we are extremely proud to participate in the future, which is already present, this well-oiled steamroller.


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