En twitter hemos encontrado esta página de música donde podréis escuchar grupos de diferentes paises o enviarles vuestra música en el caso de tener un grupo o banda,  para que la escuchen y añadirla a su página.
Os dejamos el enlace para que disfruteis de esta página.
A partir de ahora estará enlazada al blog en el apartado de BLOGS Y PÁGINAS MUSICALES.



Our only goal is to bring you great independent Rock. If you like the music tell a friend and follow us on Twitter we are @RUTVmusic.

We would like to thank everyone for the past year. All the bands that allowed us to post their music we love you! And to our prior Webmaster “DiscoverBrother” thanks a bunch because we wouldn’t be here without you.

Let us know what bands you would like to hear and we will try and reach out to them. We don’t want to play every band, just the good ones. If you have any improvements for RUTV, let us know. If we can do them, we will. Our contact is music@rockunderground.TV.

If you are an Artist, our address is P.O. Box 2057, Peachtree City, GA 30269. You are welcome to send us demos. We promise we will listen and consider every tune.

This site will be in constant change so check with us everyday, you never know what you will see.