Atraves del facebook hemos conocido a esta banda de hard-rock. Esperamos que os gusten y sean de vuestro agrado. Los hemos enlazado atraves de su página web en el apartado de contactos con grupos.

Un saludo para STOP, STOP!



"StOp,sToP!" is a hard-rock band with powerful "riffs", easy to sing-along choruses and spectacle assured.
By the hands of Jacob A.M, founder of the band, comes this project: From Menorca to Barcelona (Spain) in 1998, from Barcelona to Milan (Italy) in 2002, back to Barcelona in 2003, from Barcelona to Los Angeles C.A. (U.S.A.) in 2006, and definitive return to Barcelona in 2007. The story of Jacob A.M. (Bass and singer) has been a wild one; playing in the street for a few coins in Barcelona and Milan, or living in a van in Sunset Boulevard in L.A. behind the "Whiskey a Go Go" are just a few of the many anecdotes that he has lived to find the right parts of this band.
There have been many people who have entered and left the group leaving Jacob in his adventure, but in 2009 he finally find the right members for Hard Rock indeed:
Vega, a guitarist tired of progressive bands and thirsty of rock'n'roll, decides to join Jacob, leaving everything behind to do what he always wanted to do: sex, rock and more sex!
Danny (drums) was Jacob’s school friend and follower of his adventure. He joined the band to carry out his twisted and destructive plan: going on stage and bust heads!
Mak G.G., the young guitarist of the band “Wet Jack”, who was “kidnapped” by Jacob, after attending one of his gigs and being impressed by his performance and his insane “bluesy and fresh” kind of playing!
Now, they just release their new album “Unlimited” 2010. They have played a lot of sold-out concerts, they have appeared in some of the most important rock magazines like “This is Rock”, “Heavy Rock”, “Kerrang”, “Metal Symphony”, and more!!
“StOp,sToP!” you might like them or you might not, but what you can't say is that these four elements don't play real hard-rock. The madness and perversion are their favorite weapons! Try it! You won't be left indifferent.