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Un saludo a SUMMONED TIDE.


Artist Bio

‎\m/ We are ready to conquer the world! This is our humble and modest attitude. But is the world ready for us?? \m/

We have released our 1st album "If We fall We will Rise"
Hard facts:
Started 2004 with this constellation
Rickard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar
Jennifer Sikström Vocal / Bass
Nicklas Åström Drums
Mikael Thelin 2nd Guitar
Jimi Toivanen Synth / Piano

Their own description about them self
In the year of 2004, a band called Summoned Tide washed ashore, and a new-season-epic metal band was born. From the northern woods of Sweden they came...bla bla bla. Enough of this fancy intro, Summoned Tide consists of 5 members and our music style varies from progressive metal/ rock to erotic nature beats. Our goal is to spread our music all over the entire world/ universe...and to play at oversized stadiums of course!

More About Summoned Tide

And we know that all of our new fans are dying for some personal information from us, so here it comes:

Rickard Thelin
Born 1987 in June, I was beautiful. I've been into music since I was a boy. Early I could play guitar and was into music with feelings. I started to listen to Jazz, Rock and Blues and I really felt dragged into the rhythms and notes. My first song I wrote was about my life when I was about 12 years old. There after my interest for music expanded when I listened to my first Power Metal album "Renegade" by Hammerfall. I got enlightened and dove deeper into genre and discovered bands like Metallica and my all-time favorite IRON MAIDEN. My life had now changed and I walked upon a more interesting and alive path. I've now learnt how to live by and contribute to the road. I've discovered so much from walking upon. And am now ready to lend my experiences and guidance along with many other great artists out there...enough! My goals and ambitions are to spread our music the world and that at least one song that will forever echo through time. I want to be remembered since my greatest fear is to be forever forgotten.

Jennifer Sikström
Born in January 1989. I discovered my interest in music through piano lessons when I was about 10 years old. Like many other young girls I liked singing and in 2004 I went with the guys to the rehearsal... But very soon it became clear to me that I wasn't comfortable with filling the spot as lead singer. I noticed that they didn't have a bass player, so the next day I bought my first bass ;) Since then my ambition has grown with my improved interest in music and they are now shaping my way of living. My music of choice includes Opeth, Symphony X, Black Sabbath and other rock bands from the 70's...and black metal :) Brands I use are Ibanez and Schecter.

Nicklas Åström
Music has been around me since I was born in 1988. My family really influenced me by their music. Especially from my mother and sisFrom my mother I got bands like Rush, King Crimson, Genesis, Dream Theater, Metallica, Guns N' Roses and Pink Floyd. My sister got me on a bit different road; Deftones, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Textures, Opeth, Radiohead, Fear Factory and Foo Fighters. The first band that I found out on my own was Nirvana. I've also discovered more chaotic bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, they're nuts :P A band I "recently" started enjoying is Porcupine Tree. The drummer Gavin Harrison is truly epic, the way he plays, the licks, everything is so well thought. So all of these bands and many more have come to shape the way I approach drumming. It's like all their combined semen...I'm their child...yeah, you get it! So I'm the drummer, yeah. I've played for roughly 10 years and I got a Yamaha drum kit that's about the same age. But I got some new hardware too, like my Sabian 21" AAX stage ride or my Tama 13" Artwood snare. Everything else is like really beaten up and trashed. It's expensive to be drummer, so please send me some cash to: "I'm Broke and I need it" 666 915 31 Robertsfors, Sweden. Cheers /Nicklas

Mikael Thelin

I was born in 1988 and picked up the guitar when I was in high school. Started playing because of my bro, he went pro and I wanted a taste of that as well! When I’m not stuck at work or rehearsing with the band I enjoy grabbing a beer playing videogames, fishing and just chill in' Music is my life and it has been for a really long time. During my inspirational years I've listened to a lot of different styles but the bands that are closest to my heart are Symphony X, Dream Theater, Maiden and the composer Hans Zimmer. Over and out!

Jimi Toivanen
I'm born in 1987 and started playing synth in the early years. I and Rickard started a band together that later on became Summoned Tide. When I'm not playing music I enjoy fishing and also taking a few beers with my friends.

Band biography of Summoned Tide

Musicians are hard to find in a small community. In a village of 6000 inhabitants the amount of talented musicians are not that great, and when it comes to seeking musicians for a local hobby band the range is extremely small. Summoned Tide has its roots a few years before they became Summoned Tide.

Front man Rickard Thelin, singer and lead guitarist of Summoned Tide says:
We began 2002 with only two members. Me and Jimi Toivanen (keyboards) met and played together and felt that we should get a band! We gathered a number of members and drove my first homebrew song, 'A walk into a dark wood'. Sooner we drifted into the wrong direction and I and Jimi was not quite broadly with the other members what kind of music we would play. Band names were also absurd as lame as 'Rawonam' and 'Stupid Brats'. We put the band on hold and instead played along with each other instead until we once again would build up a band.
Lots of weeks later we took along my brother, Mikael Thelin, to rehearsal one day and we decided that we liked him as a second guitarist. Mikael in turn introduced his classmate Nicklas Åström as a drummer. It was here that we began to take music to higher levels. I began to write my own material with more "weight" in the lyrics and the songs became more sophisticated since. It was in the beginning that I wrote songs like 'The Way Through the battlefield' and 'Claimer' that only a few knows about, and the band name Summoned Tide washed ashore 2004.
We rehearsed together until the music began to sound like we wanted to. However, there was something missing and it was a bass. A band without a bass is a band without a bass. Jennifer Sikström, who knew us by me, heard our concerns, temped, and decided that she would get a bass to fill the empty spot in our band as our first bassist. She bought a bass without much experience on stringed instruments in general and would start playing. We thought it was a good idea because Robertsfors had no bass players who were into the same genre and we knew her musical background from before. Jennifer was my responsibility and I saw it as a project to teach her from scratch, which was not always easy, but eventually hardened her small poor-muscle fingers to fairly-advanced-bass-functional fingers ready to slappin' the bas.
We subsequently trained us in a cover of Insania's 'Lost In Time' and got our first live gig at our local school. I have been on stage many times in my life before when I went to elementary music school, but I had never before experienced the great feeling of performing music with my own band, and that feeling caught the others as well. We all knew that this, this is something that we want to do!

Time passed by. Lots of new materials were created and songs like 'ALD', 'Father Isac' and 'A Demon's Confession' captured attention around us. We began curiously with the minor scenes and were not afraid to climb upwards towards the larger ones. At the best at that time, we were on a two-day festival in Sikeå a bit outside Robertsfors and performed as a warm-up band for more established bands. The most famous at the festival at that time were Nocturnal Rites, power metal from Umeå, and Sahara Hotnigths, punk rock also from Robertsfors.

Then we came to a point where it was not possible to work with Jennifer anymore due to personal matters. We kicked her off the team and we kept ourselves about a year without a bass player. After awhile we came to the point that we would record a demo in 2007. We called Jennifer because we did not have a bass player and wanted her to play the bass strands on our demo. I knew I could play the bass myself but it didn't feel quite right to do both. Jennifer happily put up on our offer and we put together saved money and was sponsored by relatives and family to do our first demo 'Editio Principes'. This was our biggest landmark in the band so far and it tied us together into a tighter group and brought us closer to our goal that we all aim for.

Today we've played at many different locations in northern Sweden. Went to Norway to record a demo with sound technicians from a school in the UK called LIPA (Liverpool institute of Performing Arts) which is founded by Paul McCartney and perform at a local festival. We helped to organize and headline at an international festival with the Baltic countries. We've won the Västerbotten district finals for new bands and went on to the national final. Played live on local radio in Umeå. Landed on Spotify. And now we have got ourselves a manager, which supports and helps us towards success. We feel ready to take on the world!

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