Aquí teneis a este grupo, que nos ha impresionado mucho, por la calidad vocal de su cantante y por su música. Ya estan enlazados en 666hardmusic en contactos con grupos, después de que nos haigan pedido su acogida al blog. Welcome DEMENTIA!!!


Band Biography

The band formed back in 2002, Andy Turner (drummer) began rehearsing in practice sessions with cousin Matt Portman (rhythm guitar), the two of them jammed together their favourite songs from classic thrash metal bands of the 80's. Obviously the sound was lacking in one area...bass guitar! so in stepped Stephen Timmins (bass guitar), baring his long blonde hair, zakk wylde like beard, and refusing to use a plectrum (as his fingers were capable of more BPM than a machine gun) he was just what the band needed.
After countless hours of whining and taking it in turns at being 'Hetfield' they decided to look for a singer, a few guys stepped up for the part. Each singer having a different sound but when Tom Philpots turned up, the guys thought things were starting to move in the right direction. They then put together there first song 'Life gets easier'. As time went on the guys began practicing less frequently, things started to slip back to basics. Seeing this Andy decided something had to be done, he was determined to take his outrageous drum skills to the stage and showcase his talent.
By fate it may seem that Andy then saw an ad in the local paper for tribute band 'Mentallica', 'Are you lars ulrich???' at the time being his idol, andy immediately called Matt and explained this was something he needed to do, understandingly Matt told him to go for it. Already a member of 'Mentallica' Joe Whelan to his surprise would become Singer and Lead guitarist for 'DEMENTIA'. The tribute band immediately took a shine to Andy, but the only query was his age, at only 16 could he handle the constant touring of such a big tribute band. But Joe insisted he was the man for the job, as he to was 16 when he joined the tribute and was certain that Andy would be fine, and not only that Joe thought it was nice to have someone in the band with an age gap of less than 10 years.
Andy was constantly impressed by Joe's skills on guitar in fact Joe was the first guitarist he'd ever seen use such technique's, their styles were so compatible and this shown when they played together giging all over the UK. Andy told the band of Joe's guitar skills, and suggested they ask him to join 'Dementia', when Ste and Matt came to watch 'Mentallica' they saw Joe play for the first time and didn't think he would join the band, as at the time 'Dementia' seemed non-existent.
After a long phone call of pointless jabbering and exchanging riffs Andy convinced Joe to join the band, finally 'Dementia' was complete. Joe can be somewhat of a control freak at times, organizing the guys in the band into a more professional form and within a few months the guys wrote the self titled album 'Dementia' and took it to the road. They seemed to progress by the second individually and as a band, taking on large venues in the birmingham area such as: 'civic hall', 'wulfrun hall', 'edwards no 8 bar', 'the barfly' and many more. Along the way they supported and managed to impress bands such as 'Breed 77', 'Exidus', 'MAJ', 'Bullet For My Valentine' and 'Death Angel'.
Constantly progressing the band steered from the stereotypical 'Metallica' sound and geared towards a more progressive style, yet at the same time keeping there music true to their original style 'Old Skool', and not 'sell out', so to speak. The bands more progressive sound is reminiscent of bands such as 'Dream theater', 'Sikth', 'Racer X', and 'Killswitch engage' which is the sound you hear today on their new album 'The path to valhalla' the album really shows the maturity in their music writing skills.
Having gigged all over the UK, playing at venues of all shapes and sizes (being anything from small backstreet boozers to large capacity professional venues), meeting all sorts of weird and wonderful people, and gathering dedicated fans along the way, the band feel that they have taken things as far as they can for an unsigned band.
They currently spend a lot of time in their own studio put together by (lead singer/ guitarist) Joe, constantly working on new material and designs. What 'Dementia' are now looking to get signed by a quality record label and take things to the next step. There have been times in their career when they had thought of sending demo's, but the guys wanted to wait until they'd reached a certain level of maturity in terms of writing, performance and also individual skill and experience. And now at 22-24 years of age they are there and ready let the world know the sound that is 'Dementia'.